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ARK Benefit

Ark: Survival Evolved in an innovative project confronting you with an open prehistoric world full of dinosaurs and other dangers. You have to take care of yourself and ensure your safety by gathering food, crafting weapons and building shelters. Besides, you can hunt and tame dinosaurs riding them around the island! Unlike other games of the genre, Ark offers highly detailed graphics in tandem with versatile gameplay and immense multiplayer options.

Of course, you can choose to play solo, but teaming up with other players will increase your chances of surviving in the jungle swarming with hungry Jurassic monsters.To make the multiplayer more engaging, developers added ability to create your own tribe and invite your friends to join you. Using pass codes, players can enter the village of the tribe. And if you die, you can respawn in one of the houses in your settlement.

The distinctive feature of the game allows you to interact with dinosaurs, more precisely tame and ride them. You can also use them to transport your stuff or defend you from other predators. Each species lives in its own environment and you can observe the island from above on the back of a pterodactyl or dive underwater if you manage to make friends with one of the creatures living in the sea.

The fact that Ark is a game about dinosaurs doesn’t mean you’ll have to do with just a spear and pickaxe. The crafting system is very wide and logic. All resources you can find in the safe zone allow you to craft simple things. If you walk deeper into the forest, though, you’ll gain a chance to discover items that will give you access to way more advanced equipment. Active play will quickly increase your level and you’ll be able to improve your parameters for better surviving, fighting and more efficient work. Time to begin!