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ARK: Survival Evolved Update

Plunge into a massive primeval adventure by playing Ark: Survival Evolved! The huge world open for exploration will introduce you to over 80 dinosaur species and other creatures from the prehistoric age that you can fight, hunt and tame. Invite your friends to join you on a distant island to make up your own tribe and build a thriving colony! You’ll begin the game all alone with no weapon to defend yourself. However, you can change that if you keep your eyes sharp for enemies and valuable resources that can be turned into handy instruments. Gather materials, explore your crafting options and build a house where you can feel safe. As your level gets higher, you’ll see the range of the items you can create expand. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to craft technically complex gear from our time and use it to increase your chances of surviving on the island and finally take off on the Ark!

The game will stun you with the variety of environments. The ecosystem of the island includes plentiful landscapes that change dynamically during the day and throughout the year. The abundance of flora and fauna will allow you not only to keep up your existence, but also establish a rather tasty diet! You can also capture and tame just about any creature you can meet on the map. Use smart tactics to train and breed your Jurassic pets and they will fight for you! With their help, you can fly up into the sky, descend underwater and even underground.

In your efforts to explore and conquer the island of dinosaurs you won’t be alone. Other players are also out there, ready to join forces or attack you when they have a chance. Beware of strangers, not all of them are willing to be your friends! Ark: Survival Evolved is an amazing world that will definitely keep you absorbed for hours. Find out how long you can hold up in the wilderness of the long bygone era!