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Dinosaurs… What do we actually know about these ancient mysterious creatures? Ark: Survival Evolved offers us a glimpse into the long bygone past of our planet while also challenging you to survive and flourish in the wild prehistoric jungle with cheats. You will start out with literally nothing, famished and freezing on the sand of an unknown island. The forest is full of disturbing sounds… You understand that you’ll have to fight for your life and you’d better begin preparing for it right now…

The game considers every aspect of surviving in a place like that. You’ll have to take care of satisfying your basic needs, keep yourself hydrated and fed, provide yourself with a shelter, instruments and weapons. That can be done by gathering materials scattered in abundance over the island and combining them into useful items.The higher your level is the more advanced stuff you can craft. If you think you’ll run around half-naked shaking a spear throughout the game, that’s just not the case! Get ready to shoot rifles, communicate via a radio and even scuba-dive to explore the underwater depth of Jurassic era!

Not everyone you’ll meet on your way will be your enemies. Some of the dinosaurs can be tamed and trained to help you. You can also team up with other players to live in tribes and join your forces in confronting the dangers of Ark. Discover the threat and thrills of this wondrous primeval world and prove that you can survive anywhere!