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Lost Ark Online

Ark: Survival Evolved in an online game with a huge open world. Here you will encounter over 80 species of extinct animals, including dinosaurs, mammoths and sabertooth tigers. Some of them are better to keep away from, but some can be tamed and trained to help you. The distinctive feature of Ark is the ability to ride many prehistoric creatures. Just like in many other survival games, you’ll start out as a naked man or woman on a giant island populated by various wild fauna. You will hunt, gather crops, craft items, build houses and simply try to survive in this dangerous world. Moreover, the threat will come not only from hungry animals, but also from other players willing to lay hands on your belongings. Prepare to defend your life and your property with all means! Upgrade your weapons, improve your characteristics and team up into tribes with friendly players to build a settlement and fight together side by side! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to escape this perilous place and go back to civilization!