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If you are thrilled with survival games, here is one that will challenge you to remain alive and kicking in a wild environment populated with angry dinosaurs! Similar to other games of the genre, Ark: Survival Evolved Mobile throws you right into the middle of the action empty-handed. You find yourself lying on a jungle-overgrown shore with only your underwear on. The forest is teaming with hungry animals and other dangers and your life is now in your own hands. You’ll have to search for water, food and pick up resources you can use to build a home and craft some weapons to protect yourself.

But let’s discuss everything in detail. Your first priority is to quench your thirst and hunger. If you keep walking around without eating and drinking for too long, you’ll eventually become exhausted and die. To drink, you just need to step into the water. But be careful, not all water sources here are suitable for that! Before you get equipped with your first weapons, you can keep yourself alive by scavenging for berries and plants. But meat will not only satiate you better, but will also help you to heal wounds. Meat can be gained by hunting the animals living on the island. However, you should watch out to confront those whose level is higher than yours or you can easily switch places!

When you become more or less familiar with the environment, you can start piling up various resources to craft useful stuff. Almost everything you can find on the island is some kind of a resource. Wood, rocks and minerals will allow you to make a wide range of objects. New items to craft will be unlocked as you progress and increase your level. While you’ll start from basic things like pickaxe and spear, you’ll gradually move towards more sophisticated inventions, some even from the modern era.

You might wonder what happens to your character when you die. Well, you’ll have to start everything from scratch! Of course, you will keep your level and can also pick up equipment and resources that you were carrying, but only if you are able to get back to the place where your body lies. Playing Ark: Survival Evolved is cruel, but also very exciting! Why don’t you try?